Why is the subconscious mind so powerful?

Our subconscious mind absorbs a lot of information and ideas, many of which don't even pass through our conscious mind, making it a great resource when it comes to capturing ideas on paper or on a screen. In addition, writing allows you to reach your subconscious emotions and thoughts. The subconscious mind drives 95% of the human experience. Yes, that means that we only use about 5% of our conscious activity during the day.

Still wondering, why sometimes you fail while trying harder and harder to achieve your goals? Sometimes your antagonist ist simply you yourself.

Everything else happens under the surface and THAT IS what drives the program ????. Your subconscious is like a huge memory bank. It permanently stores everything that happens to you and its capacity is practically unlimited. On the contrary, your subconscious mind always works in the background, but you're not necessarily aware of it.

Your subconscious mind will listen, just like it has heard all the other input it has received. The subconscious clings to the familiar because there is always a reward; this is known as “secondary gain”. You can use your consciousness to reprogram or retrain your subconscious to do things that are more beneficial to your world now and for your future. On the positive side, your subconscious mind also influences things such as why you are motivated, confident, successful, cheerful, hopeful, etc.

In reality, there is no agreed definition of the subconscious because science has recently begun to understand how the two minds interact. Mastering the power of your subconscious mind requires two essential files: your habits and your value barometer (beliefs and self-esteem). By focusing your thoughts on uplifting words and ideas, your subconscious will begin to implement a positive pattern in your thinking and outlook on life. Since your subconscious mind has great control over your positive and negative behaviors, the key is to train your brain to produce more positive behaviors.

Just as you can think of your conscious mind as the gardener who plants seeds, your subconscious can be thought of as the garden or fertile land in which seeds germinate and grow. Using your conscious thoughts to program your subconscious mind can bring you success in all the areas of your life that you are looking for. The conscious mind is the gardener that plants the seeds; the subconscious mind is the fertile soil that allows them to grow. Sometimes called the unconscious mind, your subconscious mind contains all the stored information of everything you've ever experienced.

Not long ago, simply SAYING the word “subconscious” seemed almost “wow” or taboo.