Where is the Subconscious Mind Located in the Body?

In 1981, psychologist Dixon divided the human brain into two distinct parts. Many popular psychologists have since then divided mental work into the functioning of the right brain and the left brain. The right side of the brain is thought to be the holistic, intuitive, creative and emotional side. The left side of the brain is thought to be the logical, analytical and verbal side.

Swami Kriyananda has described that the subconscious mind includes the functions of the back of the brain (especially the limbic system) and the astral column. This means that it controls heartbeats, blood circulation, digestion and elimination. Human consciousness develops as a result of this, trapping our biological instincts and degrading them. This view implies that all thoughts and feelings come from the same subconscious database.

The subconscious is located in subcortical regions, which are responsible for managing information before transferring it to conscious parts of the brain. The subconscious mind is much more powerful than the conscious mind and can process enormous amounts of information that come through our five senses in a split second. People with psychic abilities may perceive that this subconscious location is both within and around a person. I was surprised but felt very comfortable; it seemed like a miracle to me, but I think I connected with my subconscious and carried out its orders.

Of course, there are probably many more than nine things that we don't know about our subconscious minds; science is always looking for more unknowns. Because there is much more information in our subconscious than we can handle at once, we need techniques that help us systematically extract relevant information at a rate that we can handle. Our subconscious minds never sleep, rest or take a break because they control all of our body's vital processes and functions. Since we can only pay attention to a few different objects at a time with our conscious minds, we may only “hear” noisy ideas that come from our subconscious unless we take special steps to pay attention to the “soft” ones. Animals also have developed subconscious systems, allowing them to detect events such as earthquakes or house collapses early on.

If we don't control our attention, we'll let ourselves be carried away by the “strong thoughts” that arise from our subconscious.