Unlocking the Power of Your Subconscious Mind and Body

As Candace Pert famously said, your body is your subconscious mind - a union of neuropeptides and receptors on the surface of cells, with subsequent intracellular processes and the delivery of informational substances, in the context of both nature and nurture. Our body is a representation of our subconscious, containing all kinds of memories, beliefs, and perceptions, as well as a plethora of messages. These messages may appear in the form of annoying feelings, dreams, or passing thoughts, or they may be stored in the body in the form of tension, blockages, constrictions, overwhelming sensations, and emotions. The subconscious can be incredibly useful in helping you understand your illness and the physical symptoms you are experiencing.

It is difficult to find diseases or physical problems in the subconscious directly. However, by accessing your higher self or spirit guides, you can use your subconscious to help heal your illness. The truth is that your body is your subconscious mind. It embarks on a first-rate scientific adventure, accompanied by this pioneer, iconoclast and goddess of neuroscience.

To Feel Go (o), d, Your Body Is Your Subconscious Mind and Psychosomatic Wellness are just some of the Sounds True audio programs that explore this concept. The more you listen to and understand yourself, the more aware your subconscious will be and the more clarity you will discover about your growing purpose and your next steps. Let's examine how the subconscious and medical treatments can work together to help your mind and body achieve optimal health. By connecting with your higher self or spirit guides, the subconscious can guide you back to awareness of the situation in question.

The subconscious has to work with your conscious mind to find the connection and provide solutions to the problems you have. As your mind attunes to your breathing, you can begin to connect with your subconscious to help you learn to release the energy locked in your mind.