The Power of the Conscious and Subconscious Mind

The conscious mind is the active one, constantly changing and adapting to new thoughts and ideas. It is the part of our mind that we are aware of and use to make decisions. On the other hand, the subconscious mind is more stubborn and is not as easily influenced. It is constantly looking around, absorbing information, and forming our reality.

It is important to take care of both the conscious and subconscious mind in order to create positive change in our lives. Hypnotherapy is a great way to access the subconscious, often to uncover trauma from childhood or past events that have caused negative feelings. Many people are unaware of the power of connecting the conscious and subconscious minds. The subconscious mind can be accessed through intuition or “gut instinct”.

It stores memories, feelings, desires, and fears that we may not be aware of. Thanks to our subconscious, we are able to dream and create our own reality. When a stimulus is received, if there is a habit stored in the subconscious mind related to it, it will automatically engage in the related behavior. There are several ways to improve this connection between the conscious and subconscious minds.

Habits created by the conscious mind can be used to strengthen the subconscious over time. Reprogramming the subconscious mind takes time because it is a separate entity from the conscious mind. The subconscious controls our body, breathing, organs, cells, and more.